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Amedeo Modigliani, Pere Lachaise, Paris

© 1993 A. Slack

L’Amour Fou

The trouble with Pere Lachaise is that it is so jam-packed with famous graves that you tend to flit from one to the other without much time to pause and contemplate each one. So it was with Modigliani – I was aware of the artist and his style of work, but I knew nothing of his life. I didn’t take much notice of his unremarkable stone slab – I just took a shot and moved on.
It was not until I later developed the film that I noticed that there was someone else buried with him. But who was this mysterious 22-year-old female who died the day after him? And how did they die? Did they both succumb to some contagious disease that claimed them both within a matter of hours?
The truth, it turned out, was far more tragic, and there are in fact 3 souls buried under that slab…
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